Tesco has introduced a “low Gi” logo on selected own label lines.
Gi stands for glycaemic index and followers of the Australian regime stick to foods which are digested slowly, avoiding highs and lows in blood sugar levels that can prompt snacking.
Tesco said it had been working with leading food scientists to test 50 Tesco own label foods for their Gi ratings, including bread, pasta, ready meals and cereals.
A further 200 own label products have gone into testing laboratories as Tesco prepares to expand the Gi range, and its own reputation in the healthy eating niche.
The supermarket has also set up a virtual Gi store on its Tesco.com online shop.
Tesco Gi project leader Hamish Renton said: “We have listened to our customers and they have told us they want more information on the foods they buy.
“Many also want to control their weight but are worried about the health consequences of cutting out carbohydrates altogether.”