Tesco-Coke recycling campaign

The new campaign invites shoppers to make pledges.

Coca-Cola Enterprises and Tesco are launching a major campaign to boost household recycling by targeting Clubcard holders with money-off vouchers and points offers.

The ‘Together We’re Making Recycling Count’ campaign, set to run from Wednesday for 14 weeks, will invite customers to make pledges to recycle. Shoppers will then receive either a 50p off voucher for Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero or 25 additional Tesco Clubcard points.

A live feed on a campaign website will show the total number of pledges received during the activity, as well as the equivalent tonnage volume of waste recycling, with customers receiving a follow-up email eight weeks later reminding them of their pledge.

“We all know recycling our household waste counts, but this campaign allows both us and Tesco to really make that genuinely tangible for shoppers,” said Coca-Cola Enterprises vice president of public affairs & communications GB Julian Hunt. “This is the first time a communications campaign on this scale has directly highlighted home recycling as a key topic.”