Tesco is ditching its kids own label to replace it with a healthy range co-branded with Disney.

Through the tie up, which will kick off initially on fresh fruit and dairy next month, it believes it can double the 25-strong kids offer.

"We've not done a great job on kids' ready meals or been particularly strong in dairy lines, such as fromage frais or yoghurts," director of chilled food Kari Daniels told The Grocer. "There's a huge opportunity in how we can move on from this point."

Its existing trading relationship with Disney through clothing and toys, as well as labels on fruit, paved the way for the deal, added Daniels. "And we have synergies in terms of corporate agendas; we're both determined to help customers with healthier choices. Focus group feedback has shown the kids range is trusted by mothers and loved by kids."

The range will only include healthier lines that adhere to current guidelines limiting calories, fat, sugar and salt, and contain no artificial colours, flavours or trans fats. Packaging will carry its Healthy Living man logo, as well as a healthy message, such as 'source of wholegrain'.

From January, Daniels said the roll-out would have gained critical mass, with the co-branded range replacing products across cereals, fruit juice, bakery and milk.

It would then embark on an advertising campaign, combining investment from both global giants to promote the range as best-in-class above rivals.

The range could also benefit from tie-ins with relevant Disney characters around new film releases.

However, Daniels added that the move would not preclude other licensing deals, which currently includes activity with Lazy Town within fresh fruit and vegetable and a co-branded water for kids.

Disney Consumer Products director Dan Dossa said the move marked a major milestone for its UK food business. Disney has been growing through all grocery channels and launched a new dried fruit snack, Disney Juicy, into Asda and Sainsbury's earlier this year.