Tesco has been slammed for offering consumers vouchers for health scans through its Clubcard initiative.

 The promotion for the CT scans - which detect illnesses through X-rays - was criticised by The Society of Radiographers as being "inappropriate" for the retailer, and it claimed Tesco had failed to make the clear the risks involved with radiation exposure.

 Chief executive of the Society, Richard Evans, told the BBC this morning that the promotion could cause "unnecessary anxiety" for people.

"I wouldn't want to underplay the sense of relief if something positive and dangerous is found and dealt with in good time," said Evans.

"However, for every one of those there'll be an untold number who are taking up a GP appointment slot for no real reason, who are suffering unnecessary anxiety." Tesco defended the scheme by saying the company which provides service - Lifescan - employed qualified staff and that customers were fully briefed on the risks.