tesco lorry

Tesco is partnering with 15 major suppliers to cut the number of trucks on the road in the run-up to Christmas.

The supermarket said its ‘road traffic control’ team was consolidating deliveries and streamlining the routes suppliers use when delivering to its distribution centres. Christmas products such as trifle, parsnips, broccoli and carrots were being moved together by combining loads, it added.

Tesco said the process had already led to savings of over 400,000 truck miles per year, equating to 17 trips around the world.

The change had taken more than 3,400 trucks off the road so far, leading to a saving of over 450 tonnes of CO2.

“By working closely with our suppliers and joining them up to use each other’s transport routes, we’re delighted to have delivered savings in emissions and costs for suppliers,” said Tesco head of supplier ordering Trudy Wilson.

“The ‘Tetris’-style project helps us use as much space as possible in our trucks over the Christmas period, making the most of every journey and helping to keep trucks off the road at a busy time of year.

“We have exciting plans for the year ahead and are hoping to expand the project with more suppliers coming on board.”