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The new Google Home assistant

Tesco customers can now order their groceries using the voice-activated Google Home assistant.

The supermarket has integrated its online grocery service with the Google device, launched in the UK in March.

The latest innovation from Tesco Labs means customers can order their groceries simply by issuing commands such as “add milk to my Tesco basket” or “buy more eggs” to the wi-fi connected device.

The development builds on Tesco’s launch on the If This Then That platform last April.

Using the platform, shoppers can set algorithms to trigger an order if certain conditions are met. For example, they can automatically order burgers if sun is on the horizon, or get in the Chateâuneuf-du-Pape if it’s on promotion.

The Google Home assistant function integrates with this platform to enable customers to modify their existing orders on If This Then That.

Tesco has urged customers to try out the new function and notify it of any other connected devices that could help make their online shop easier.