Tesco is adding 75 new products to its beer and cider range to cash in on the growing interest in speciality and premium beers.

The retail giant said that the biggest changes would apply to its world and speciality beer ranges, with the introduction of 40 new lines. Space allocated to this sector has already been boosted in Tesco's bigger stores, with shelf space annexed from the ale and ready-to-drink sectors.

Andrew Carpenter, buyer for beers, ales and cider, said: "Customers now have a wider choice than ever as the result of a focus on exciting new products - 50% of the new additions are world and speciality beers."

Tesco said it would discontinue lines such as 12-can packs of Skol, Grolsch and Foster's Lager and four-bottle packs of Foster's Ice Beer, replacing these with the new Foster's Twist and Grolsch swingtop bottles.

Changes to the beer ­ranges also reflect the current consumer trends for lower-alcohol beers and those with different flavour profiles. It has dedicated more space to successful lager brands, with premium lagers such as Budweiser and Beck's now extending into the growing standard 4% abv lager sector with Bud Silver and Beck's Vier.

Tesco has introduced the lower-alcohol Cobra No Alcohol and Bitburger brands, and the citrus Beck's Green Lemon.Tsingtao, Cains Fine Raisin Beer and Beer Challenge winner Ridgeway Blue Ale also join the new line-up.

"Supplier-retailer innovation and changing consumer trends and consumption patterns have led the initiative for the new range now available in-store," said Carpenter.

Cider, which accounts for 3.1% of the total alcohol category, has grown by the same volume share by which RTDs have declined in the multiple grocer sector in the year to 17 June, according to ACNielsen.

Tesco said that it would continue to focus on stocking English ciders and it has now added Brothers Cider to its portfolio.