Almost 30% of the cases delivered to Tesco's distribution centres now arrive on Tesco trucks as it presses on with its factory gate pricing initiative.
Just over a year after Tesco started taking responsibility for the collection of goods from suppliers, more than 500 are now on board, across frozen, ambient grocery and fresh produce, said primary distribution director John Boulter.
This represents more than 25 million cases a month, a six-fold year-on-year increase. "Primary distribution allows us to manage our inbound freight more closely and provides much greater visibility, which benefits our suppliers and our customers," said Boulter.
"Over the Christmas period, we really reaped the benefits of primary distribution, offering enhanced service levels and even helping out some non-primary distribution suppliers.
"In 2003 we are continuing to work with suppliers to create better visibility and control inbound product through the delivery of robust, cost-effective primary solutions enabling change to benefit the customer."

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