Tesco has taken the unprecedented step of relocating its Value food and drink to the front of its stores in response to rising prices.

Branches across the country moved Value ranges to the more prominent location three weeks ago, although the promotion is not a permanent fixture.

"Making our Value range more visible has been a real success and reminded consumers they can purchase a wide selection of items without breaking the bank, such as a 37p loaf compared with a branded equivalent at £1.16," said a Tesco spokeswoman.

The move comes as discounters such as Aldi and Netto have emphasised their price proposition in relation to the credit crunch. Last week Aldi published an advertising campaign comparing its prices with those of the big four using the slogan: 'Don't change your lifestyle, change your supermarket', and Netto boss Richard Lancaster hasclaimed 2008 was the year of the discounters.

Tesco has also introduced 1,000 new promotions across food and non-food products this week, upping its total number of items on special offer to 9,000. "It's the most number of offers at any one time in our history," said Sir Terry Leahy.