Tesco is planning to launch a new shelf-ready packaging toolkit to help suppliers develop more suitable packaging following a night-time replenishment exercise at its Solihull store last week (The Grocer, November 6, p10).
Tesco food supply director Joe Dybell said the toolkit would “help companies develop a cross-functional approach, evaluate the benefits of shelf-ready packaging, and above all learn what is meant by appropriate packaging.”
Jonathan Kittow, commercial development manager at logistics group TPL Logistics Management, which helped organise the event, said that although packaging was designed to protect the product in transit, suppliers needed to give more thought as to how packaging could enhance the brand impact on shelf or ease replenishment.
Likewise, shelf-ready packaging did not necessarily address the issue of getting the right amount of stock to the supermarket shelf at the right time, said Kittow.
The replenishment exercise demonstrated that the best shelf-ready packaging solutions were simple to merchandise, clearly identifiable and presented the product well when full and half-empty, he added.