Tesco is launching a new “hyper-personalised” Clubcard promotion for millions of customers, driven by its new tie-up with AI technology company Eagle Eye.

The supermarket giant said it was inviting three million loyalty card holders to take part in the Clubcard Challenges campaign, which lauches next month.

It will give them a chance to collect £50 in loyalty points by taking part in 20 personalised challenges.

The challenges will vary for each customer, ranging from spending £20 in Tesco’s summer BBQ range over the next six weeks to spending £10 on plant-based meals, with extra points awarded for completing the challenge.

The campaign was announced after Tesco went into partnership with grocery tech business Eagle Eye, a digital platform allowing retailers to personalise promotions, providing customised challenges designed to reward incremental behaviour.

Tesco said the rewards would give customers 20 offers, with customers able to choose 10 of them for a maximum £50 in Clubcard points.

Those can be turned into up to £100 worth of rewards with more than 100 reward partners on its loyalty scheme, such as Pizza Express.

The campaign will start on 20 May and last for six weeks.

Tesco said it was seeking to ramp up its use of personalised loyalty, having already issued nearly 300 million personalised coupons to customers in the past year.

The move is the latest in a wave of AI-driven initiatives by supermarkets in the UK driven by the rapid development of AI.

Earlier this month Morrisons, which has also worked with Eagle Eye on the development of its More Card, launched hyper-personalised offers for its loyalty cardholders in the form of a My Points Boosters scheme, which asks customers to select up to 10 leading brands from a personalised list of their favourite items.

They will then be offered the chance to unlock additional More Points to convert into Morrisons Fivers, by hitting certain spending milestones within a set timeframe.

“We are constantly looking for ways to make Clubcard work harder for our customers,” said Lizzie Reynolds, group membership and loyalty director at Tesco. “We are constantly looking for ways to make Clubcard work harder for our customers. With Clubcard Prices on around 8,000 products, it is saving customers up to £360 off the annual cost of their groceries.

“Personalisation is about using what we know about customers to make their experience better and our rewards more helpful, and we’re very excited to see how our customers respond to Clubcard Challenges.”

Eagle Eye CEO Tim Mason was deputy CEO of Tesco from 2010 to 2012, in a long career with the retailer that also saw him run its attempt to crack the US, Fresh & Easy.

He said: “It’s a privilege to be working with Tesco, one of the world’s great retailers and an acknowledged leader in customer loyalty, to usher in its next stage of personalised promotions.”