Branded goods manufacturers are on alert for further supermarket-led legal offensives on grey market trading after the High Court threw out Tesco and Costco's case against the Levi Strauss group this week. British Brands Group director John Noble said: "It is difficult to know where the grey traders will go next to find a way round the law. We anticipate they will focus on changing European law." Tesco commercial and trading director John Gildersleeve said: "We'll look at the judgment closely. Our customers think this is a daft law, so it's time for the law makers, the government and the European Union, to get it changed to give consumers the lower prices they want." Tesco is to keep selling Levis at £32, sourced from the cheaper countries of the EU. The recommended retail price in the UK is £50. And Asda called on manufacturers to collaborate with the supermarkets. Speciality director David Miles said: "Forward-thinking brand owners know that by ignoring us they risk disappointing customers." {{NEWS }}