Tesco claims a revamp of its ready meals range will see £50m redirected to the British meat industry.

The retail giant is upping the amount of British beef and chicken used in a number of its ready meals. The British Classics range will contain 20% more meat at no extra cost, and 100% British beef and chicken. The Finest range will contain 100% British beef and chicken. Its Italian meals range will get 20% more meat at no extra cost. All the ranges will receive a packaging overhaul.

Shoppers would be offered superior quality dishes with 20% more British meat at no extra cost, said Tesco category buying director David Harman.

“At the same time, we will be re-directing £50m back into the British meat industry as we boost the amount of home-reared beef and chicken,” he said.

The initiative will be supported via a national ad campaign which will run under the slogan “20% more at no extra cost”.

Tesco tested the new dishes on 1,000 customers, who also gave feedback on new packaging ideas.

The supermarket is also introducing a new alert system offering any shopper buying a Finest meal deal the chance to get up-to-date texts with latest offers so they don’t miss out when a new deal goes on sale.