Tesco is relaunching its Tesco Organic range, with new-look packaging set to hit stores within two weeks.

The new packs, made of recycled material, bear a black background and images from food photographer Laurie Evans. Grass will appear on dairy and meat packaging, wheat on bakery items and mixed leaves on remaining categories such as fruit and vegetables. GDA nutritional labelling will also appear prominently on food packs. Shots of cotton will be used on a new range of Organic cotton products, including face cloths, sheets and towels.

Targeted at health-conscious shoppers, the positioning at the heart of the rebrand is "organic and proud", according to Coley Porter Bell, the company behind the redesign.

Jeremy Lindley, head of design at Tesco, said: "Our shoppers are increasingly health aware and the premium aesthetic of the new look reflects this increased pride in shopping organic."

Tesco now stocks up to 400 organic lines in stores.