Tesco is outscoring its rivals when it comes to advertising spend around the World Cup as the battle for the summer pound kicks in.

In the three weeks to 18 June (with the World Cup kicking off on 9 June), it spent £3.9m on TV, press and radio ads, according to exclusive research carried out for The Grocer by Nielsen Media Research.

Asda spent £3.3m, Morrisons £3m and Sainsbury £2.7m, while Waitrose spent £700,000 and Somerfield spent £460,000.

Press ads have been primarily focused on barbecue and summer food and non food lines, as well as beer discount promotions under the banners 'World Cup winners' for Morrisons, 'Love the game' for Asda, and 'Come on England' for Sainsbury. Morrisons had been dominating the national press, spending £990,000 the week before the tournament began - substantially ahead of its rivals. However, in the first week of football, Tesco increased its press spend from £379,400 to £1.14m.