Tesco is looking to expand the number of fleet lorries carrying advertising after 14 brands used this new media vehicle in its first year.

The retailer is in discussions with fleet media agency Agripa about increasing the number of trucks from 300 to 500, the equivalent of 1,000 96-sheet posters on the side of trucks.

The Agripa system uses mesh panels that slide into a lightweight PVC frame fitted to the vehicle sides. Tesco was the first to pioneer the media in June 2003 (The Grocer, April 19, p6).

Fleet media is one of Tesco’s new revenue-generating strategies, sitting alongside other media introduced over the past year including instore digital screens and its new customer magazine. In its first year it attracted advertising from the likes of Coors, Warburtons, Chrysler and 20th Century Fox. So far revenue of £2.5m has been achieved.

The first campaign run on the side of the trucks was the launch of the Cherokee range in Tesco stores. It was funded by the brand owner and appeared on the side of 300 trucks.

“The key is the flexibility this system allows,” said Agripa founder John Pitt.

“We can run campaigns as short as two or four weeks compared to the long periods of six months or a year previously.”

The trucks carry fresh produce, so they only move in a dedicated area of about 40 miles, and deliver up to 10 times a day to stores. This allows specific regional advertising.

The fleet operates out of 10 depots, from Livingston in Scotland to as far south as Southampton, with three serving the London market.