Below is a full list of the 160 products delisted by Tesco in its recent spat over pricing with Premier Foods.

Read about how the spat occurred here, while Adam Leyland offers his take on how Tesco "ran rings" around Premier in his Editor's Comment.

Banana Rice Pot 150g; Chocolate Custard 465g; Chocolate Custard Pot 4 Pack 135g; Creamy Macaroni 425G 425g; Creamy Tapioca 425g; Custard Pot Toffee 150g; Devon Custard 1000g; Devon Custard 425g; Low Fat Devon Custard 500g; Low Fat Rice Pudding 425g

Mexican Savoury Rice 120g; Oxtail 104g; Pilau Savoury Rice 120g; Savoury Rice Chinese 120g; Slim A Soup, Mediterranean Tomato 4X60g 240g; Slim A Soup Minestrone 4X15g 60g; Slim A Soup Spicy Lentil 4X19g 76g; Slim A Soup Spring Vegetable 53g; Slim A Soup Spicy Vegetable 4X16g 64g; Slim A Soup Broccoli & Cauliflower 4X15g 60g; Super Noodles Southern Fried Chicken 100g; Super Noodles 6X100g 600g; Super Noodles Spicy Curry 100g; Super Noodles Sweet And Sour 100g; Thai Savoury Rice 120g; Wholegrain Pasta N Sauce Creamy Carbonara 110g; Wholegrain Pasta N Sauce Creamy Tomato And Basil  110g

Plain Flour 1500g; Plain Flour 500g; Self Raising Flour 1500g; Self Raising Flour 500g

Custard Powder 300g; Dream Topping 3X36g 108g; Instant Custard Sachet 75g; Low Fat Instant Custard Economy Pack 3X75g 225g; No Added Sugar Dream Topping 33g

Original Gravy Powder 227g

Beetroot Pickle 360g; Original Pickle 360g; Original Pickle 720g; Red Onion And Cranberry Pickle 360g; Small Chunk Pickle 720g

Cadbury's (Premier)
Easter Cakes Selection 10ea; Orange Creme Cake Bars 5ea

Elephant Atta
Brown Chapatti Flour 10000g; Chakki Gold 10000g; Medium Chapatti Flour 10000g; White Chappatti Fine Flour 10000g

Fray Bentos
Rich Steak And Mushroom Pie 475g

Honey Set 227g

Best Blackberry Jam 340g; Best Blueberry Jam 340g; Best Damson Jam 340g; Best Seedless Raspberry Jam 250g; Best Strawberry Jam 250g; Blueberry And Blackcurrant Jelly 175g; Frujies Mandarins In Orange Jelly 4X125g 500g; Mango And Passionfruit Jelly 175g; Mixed Fruit Jam No Bits 454g; Pineapple In Jelly 175g; Ready To Eat Lemon And Lime Jelly 125g; Smooth Raspberry Jam 330g; Squeezy Smooth Apricot Jam 330g

Mixed Pickle 460g; Pickled Onions Sweet 710g; Sweet Piccalilli 270g; Sweet Pickled Onions 454g; Traditional Onions 710g

Crumpets 6ea; Granary Bread Flour 1000g; Granary Bread Mix 495g; Muffins 4ea; Pancakes 6ea; Premium White Bread Mix 495g; Strong White Bread Flour 1500g; Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour 1500g; Super Strong White Bread Flour 1500g

Loyd Grossman
Al Forno Pasta Bake Creamy Tomato, Spinach And Ricotta Sauce 400g; Al Forno Pasta Bake Tomato Parmesan And Pancetta Sauce 400g; Bolognese Sauce 425g; Bolognese Sauce 660g; Bolognese With Roasted Garlic Sauce 660g; Carbonara With Pancetta Pasta Sauce 340g; Chargrilled Veg 350g; For One Carbonara Pasta Sauce 150g; For One Tomato And Basil Pasta Sauce 150g; For One Tomato And Chilli Pasta Sauce 150g; Mushroom Bolognese Sauce 660g; Primavera 350g; Puttanesca 350g; Puttanesca Sauce 150g; Smoky Bacon Pasta Sauce 350g; Sweet Red Pepper Pasta Sauce 350g; Thai Green Curry 350g; Thai Red Curry 350g; Thai Yellow Curry 350g; Tomato And Basil Pasta Sauce 350g; Tomato And Basil Pasta Sauce 660g; Tomato And Chilli Pasta Sauce 660g; Tomato And Garlic 150g; Tomato And Garlic 350g; Tomato And Mascarpone With Vodka Sauce 340g; Tomato And Wild Mushroom Sauce 350g

Chocolate Layer Cake 1ea; Lemon Bar Cake 1ea

Mini Eggs (Premier)
Cakes 6ea; Chocolate Gateau 1ea; Nests 5ea

Mini Rolls (Premier)
Lemon 6ea; Strawberry Jam 10ea

Mr Kipling
Caramel Shortcake Twinpack 2ea; Easter Lemon Bakewells 6ea; Lemon French Fancies 8ea; Simnel Slices 6ea; St.Clements Slices 6ea

24 Beef Stock Cubes 142g; 6 Chicken Stock Cubes 35g; Chicken Cubes 24X6g 142g; Original 6ea

Natural Breadcrumbs 227g; Sage And Onion Stuffing 85g; Sage And Onion Stuffing With Apple 130g; Sage And Onion Stuffing With Garlic 130g; Sage And Onion Stuffing With Lemon 130g

Smooth Golden Orange Marmalade 330g

Milk Chocolate Egg 307g

Crumb Dressing 400g

Distilled Malt Vinegar 250ml; Distilled Malt Vinegar 568ml; Light Malt Vinegar 250ml; Malt Vinegar 2000ml; Malt Vinegar For Pickling 1140ml; Malt Vinegar Spray 250ml; Vinegar For Pickling Distilled 1140ml

2 Garlic And Coriander Naans  220g; Balti Medium Sauce 420g; Bhuna Sauce 420g; Biryani Coconut And Curry Leaf 2 Step Sauce 432g; Chow Mein Stir Fry 195g; Fine Egg Noodles 375g; Hoi Sin And Spring Onion Stir Fry Sauce 195g; Jalfrezi Sauce 420g; Limited Edition Saag Masala Sauce 420g; Mango Chutney 530g; Medium Chilli Egg Noodles 375g; Medium Egg Noodles 2X375g 750g; Medium Soft Noodles 2X150g 300g; Oyster And Basil Sauce 195g; Oyster Sauce 150ml; Peshwari Naan 2 Pack 260g; Plain Naan 2 Pack 260g; Ready To Eat Prawn Crackers 60g; Rogan Josh Sauce 420g; Spicy Tomato And Szechuan Sauce 195g; Stir Fry Black Bean Sauce 195g; Stir Fry Sweet And Sour Sauce 195g; Sweet Chilli And Lemon Grass Sauce 195g; Thai Spiced Crackers 60g; Tomato And Cumin Biryani 432g; Wet Pad Thai Noodles 2X150g 300g

Clusters With Peanuts 150g; Peanut Butter Crunchy 454g; Peanut Butter Smooth 454g; Wholenut Peanut Butter 454g