Usually I drink strong Yorkshire Tea but when I have time I try different blends from the local tea merchants. I like a good cuppa many times a day, especially if someone else is making it for me. I do drink herbal teas for their fruity flavours, and camomile tea to help me relax. However I am not too keen on the taste of camomile on its own so these teas seemed an interesting idea. I was surprised to find that Tetley had ventured into the alternative world of herbs, but it makes good everyday tea so I thought I'd try them. The blue boxes have a distinctive look with the word therapy' in coloured lettering, which emphasises the health side of the tea. I like the coloured bands on the boxes. They help to easily identify the tea in the supermarket and the colours do reflect the type of tea inside. However some friends thought the packaging was plain and unattractive. Instructions on how to make the tea are minimal, and on the underside of the box. After a busy day at school I decided to sample the Uplifting tea. I loved the fresh smell of peppermint. I tried it first without milk. It had a sharp clean minty taste and it still tasted of tea. I did enjoy it. A pleasant drink that made me feel more alert and gave me the energy to go out and do a few hours' gardening. With milk it was still pleasant but the taste of the tea was a bit bland. I tried the Calming tea before a visit to the dentist. It worked! I arrived quite relaxed. I thought this combination of tea, lemon balm and camomile really made a warm comforting drink. The honey did make it quite sweet, but I liked it with and without milk. Last, but not least, the fennel gave the Balancing tea a lovely liquorice fragrance. The taste was a rich blend of tea and fennel. It was only mildly stimulating, as you would expect for a balancing tea. It was just as good with or without milk. I would buy this for the fennel flavour but personally I would have preferred more caffeine. At £1.39 for a box of 40, I think these are a good buy and I like the concept of mixing herbs with tea. {{P&P }}