Company: SHLOER
A sparkling blend of orange, grape and blood orange juice, non-alcoholic Shloer Bucks Fizz contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners
Price: £1.99 per 75cl bottle

CONSUMER'S VERDICT - Hayley Day, 33, housewife and mother of two, Epsom, Surrey:
I can 't drink alcohol at the moment as I am pregnant, so a non-alcoholic variety of Bucks Fizz was perfect for me.

The taste of this product was lovely. It was really refreshing and easy to drink, and it made a welcome change from the usual soft drinks.

I drank a whole bottle in the course of a day and I will definitely be buying this again in the future - even when alcohol is back on the menu.

My only complaint is the packaging, which could have been better. The fact that it is a non-alcoholic drink ought to be made clearer on the label.

Score: 23/25

EXPERT'S VERDICT - Tina Hird, Trading Controller, Spar:
Non-alcoholic Shloer Bucks Fizz is packaged in the same format as champagne, including the green bottle and cork.

The label on the bottle is attractive and vibrant and, as such, the newcomer is likely to stand out on-shelf.

On tasting, the grape juice flavour is very evident and complements the taste of the orange juice, rather than overpowering it.

The level of carbonation is just right and makes this a clean-tasting, refreshing drink which, even though it is non-alcoholic, still has a kick to it.

At £1.99 per bottle, this is excellent value for money and the product is perfect for picnics and summer evenings.

Score: 25/25

Total score: 48/50