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Product: bright pink
Company: ehrmanns group

Bright Pink, a Portuguese rosé packaged in a recyclable aluminium wine bottle, is aimed at the younger wine drinker and has been designed to boost sales of Portuguese wine.
Price: £5.99 per bottle

Consumer’s verdict

Gemma Garrad, account manager, 26, LONDON

The packaging of Bright Pink is very eye-catching and would definitely make the newcomer stand out among the other bottles of wine.

It is the sort of drink that I would buy, purely based on the look of it, for taking round to my girlfriends’ for dinner.

It tasted surprisingly dry for a rosé and I don’t normally go for dry varieties. Also, the initial smell was slightly off-putting as it smelt like a vinaigrette, but after a while it developed fruitier fragrances.

I think the price is probably reasonable considering the fast-chill factor, which is a feature that would definitely interest me.

I would be likely to buy it again during the summer months.

Total score: 37/50

Buyer’s verdict

Ian McLernon, marketing & sales director, unwins

Fantastic packaging that brings long-awaited innovation to the wine category. The packaging has real on-shelf standout.

The product will appeal to young females who are attracted to vivid colours and like to experiment with new packaging formats.

Knowledgeable wine drinkers will find the liquid rather less interesting, however. It will be the novelty of the packaging and the potential to chill quickly that will drive sales of this product and will probably overcome any issues about the quality of the liquid.

Great packaging and massive potential. However, some question marks remain over the quality of the wine.

Score: 18/25