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Product: Soft cheese & cranberry brunchettas Company: kerry foods

Price: £1.69 per portion

Soft Cheese & Cranberry Brunchettas is Kerry Foods’ first soft-cheese product and takes Brunchettas into new territory - offering an indulgent snack that contains only 200 calories

Buyer’s verdict


The packaging makes this look like a premium product and it’s clear from the image that it’s being sold as a deli-style offer.

On opening it looks like something you would be given on a plane! But that does mean it would be easy to eat at my desk.

The slices of toast were light and crispy. I like the fact that they did not crumble when I took a bite out of them.

But there could have been more slices of toast. When I’d finished there was quite a bit of sauce and cheese left over.

I’d consider buying this product as a snack, or as part of a lunch, but it’s not enough to be a complete lunch option.

Score: 20/25
Total score: 40/50

Consumer’s verdict


Initial reaction to the pack was that it was bright and impactful with cranberry flashings on a silver background and a clear image of the product in the centre.

Per pack sold, 15p is given to Breakthrough breast cancer research and plenty of information regarding the charity is given on the back of the pack.

Inside the pack there is a plastic spreader, tub of soft cheese, cranberry relish and toasted multigrain bread slices.

On tasting, the combination was excellent and did not lack any flavour even though each pack contained only 200 calories.

These are good alternatives to impulse sandwich counters and should do well.

Score: 20/25