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Product: WeightWatchers savoury biscuits
Company: Walkers Shortbread
Price: £ 1.09 per pack

A savoury offering from WeightWatchers that is available in three flavours and comes in nine-portion packs, with each portion containing two biscuits.

Consumer’s Verdict
Shanna Johnson, Account Manager, 3o, Kingston, Surrey
I have been following the WeightWatchers diet for six months. In terms of shifting the pounds, it works for me. However, I find the majority of the products a bit naff and tasteless. The packaging of the new savoury biscuits is good and makes them stand out. I also found the flavours available interesting as they are slightly different from the norm. On tasting them, I was disappointed. It is all very well to come up with fancy varieties, but what does it matter when the products have no taste to them anyway? It is needless to say that I will not be purchasing these again, not even as part of the diet - they are not worth the points!

Score: 4/25

Buyer’s Verdict
Valerie Aston, Buying Controller, Proudfoot
Distinctive, traditional blue and white packaging clearly identifies this range as the one to choose if your are watching your weight. Each weight-controlled portion of two biscuits is individually wrapped, which is excellent for portion control and freshness. I tried all the biscuits with a variety of toppings and it was good to see that they did not disintegrate under the pressure. All three varieties were brilliant. Acording to WeightWatchers, the brand grew 18% last year and I can only see it growing further as each time we list a product from the range it always has a good rate of sale. Excellent all round.

Score: 23/25

Total score: 27/50