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From: The Meantime Brewery

Exclusive to Sainsbury, this lager has been brewed to give a balance between the rich taste of chocolate and the bitterness of hops. It has been produced by craft brewer Meantime, which is also behind the retailer’s own-label Taste the Difference brews.

Price: £1.29 for a 330ml bottle

Total score: 40/50
consumer’s verdict

Asami nishimura, 26, TRANSLATOR, london

I’m not really a beer drinker because I generally find it too bitter and so usually opt for wine or a spirit with a mixer.

I was intrigued to try Chocolate Lager as I like rich, dark chocolate and thought that it might be sweeter than most other beers, and therefore hold more appeal for me.

The design of the bottle was an added attraction and immediately set it apart from the usual lagers that you see in bars and shops.

In fact, it appeared to be altogether more of a beer aimed at females - another thing that you don’t see too often.

Initially, the beer was slightly bitter, but after a few sips the chocolate taste came through. Not overly sweet, it gave the beer a nice aroma and a richness that I have never experienced before with a lager.

Score: 20/25
buyer’s verdict

David Smith, Beer Buyer, Booths Supermarkets

Distinctive, appealing and seductive - all three words can be used to describe the look of this attractively shaped bottle which is certain to draw the eye of potential customers.

It may be a clever marketing trick, but the label is very difficult to decipher so you have to pick up the bottle to read the serving suggestion.

As I found to my cost, it is always important to read the label. It suggests serving the lager only lightly chilled. Serving the beer at too low a temperature ruins the enjoyment of this product, but when you do get it right, the beer has a very clean, smooth flavour. A good nose with vanilla undertones, it is the chocolate hops that dominate on the finish. However, the chocolate flavour is not overpowering and people should not be put off by this rather unusual combination.

Score: 20/25