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Boddingtons draught barrel
From: Interbrew

Hot on the heels of the Stella Artois Draught Barrel, Interbrew is launching
its Boddingtons ale in the same format next month. The five-litre barrel is designed to give drinkers a top-quality pint just like the one served in their local pub.

Price: £13.99

Total score: 38/50
consumer’s verdict
Dave Woodman, 30, sound engineer, South Norwood
I’ve drunk Boddingtons on many occasions and have always enjoyed it and this product was no exception. The taste was similar if not as good as if it was a freshly-pulled pint down the pub.
The idea of the keg is a good one, but while I managed to squeeze it into the fridge, I had to make a fair amount of room free to fit it in. I would only recommend it if you have a large fridge, or for special occasions.
It’s a good gimmick to have at a party, but the volume of beer makes it slightly impractical. It wouldn’t last long, and the amount of space it takes up is a disadvantage. You are paying a significant premium for the amount of beer, and once the novelty has worn off it may seem a little expensive. Overall I’d say it was a good product and I would probably buy it again.
Score: 20/25
buyer’s verdict
David Smith, Beer Buyer, Booths
Impressive presentation will instantly attract the attention of potential customers.
The key to serving a perfect pint from a keg is the temperature. This product needs to be chilled for at least 12 hours.
However, many customers will find it difficult to accommodate the keg in their fridge. Will customers be able or willing to purchase the keg when they could simply settle for a more manageable and cheaper 24 pack?
The beer itself provides a taste to satisfy both Boddingtons drinkers and other ale lovers alike. Connoisseurs of ale may find that after 12 hours in the fridge, the product loses some of its flavour and may even be too cold! However, the 28-day shelf life is a great plus after the product has been opened.
Score: 18/25