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Curry Bombs

From: Oriental Express

Four mainstream flavours, Tikka Masala, Chicken Balti, Beef Madras and Chicken Vindaloo, make up a new range of microwaveable curry snack meals aimed mainly at 18 to 40-year-old men

Price: £1.99

Total score: 36/50
consumer's verdict

steve howson, 24, builder, cornwall

These looked perfect for pit stop snacks or late night munches. I'd normally go for fast food like burgers and pizzas on those occasions.

The packaging was an awkward shape, so they could take up too much space in the freezer. The outer wrapper was flimsy but colourful and the product pictures looked appetising.

Cooking directions were rather complicated but they worked. The rice wasn't over-heated and crispy and the meat was heated right through.

All the meals tasted pretty good, although they were a bit heavy on the spice and light on the meat in most cases. The Tikka Masala and Madras were my favourites. I would buy these again as convenience meals and they are great value for money, but they could be larger and maybe a milder option like Korma would be a good idea.

Score: 19/25
buyer's verdict

iain troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer, aberness

These bomb-shaped packs are an innovative way of presenting traditional curry and the £1.99 price offers value for money.

Consumers will be drawn to the appealing photography and fun packaging. However, I can foresee problems with the flimsy sleeve - stores may end up with loose product all over their freezer. Also, the bulky packs take up a lot of freezer space. Retailers with smaller stores may favour more compact meal solutions.

This is really a stomach filler for guys before they head out on the town. I am not sure if they would bother with the 10-minute cooking time at the end of an evening - especially if there were a kebab or curry house on the way home. These have an innovative design and a great taste but the size and flimsy packaging may let them down.

Score: 17/25