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Shannon’s irish coffee

From: Saint Brendan’s

Irish coffee fans are the target of this whiskey-based drink designed to be merchandised in the cream liqueurs fixture. The manufacturer promises consumers a “luxurious” tipple to rival similar restaurant offerings after just 45 seconds in the microwave.

Price: £4.99 for two servings

Total score: 30/50
consumer’s verdict

Shane George, 40, Cabin Crew, BIRMINGHAM

While 7am may not be the recommended time to be trying a microwaveable Irish Coffee, having worked all night on an Atlantic jet, something smooth, warm and alcoholic was exactly what I needed.

The instructions were clear, simple and they worked. After the two-minute standing time I was sipping a pleasant, creamy, if a little sweet, Irish coffee. Unexpectedly, the cream behaved itself and remained floating above the coffee concoction until the last sips.

At £4.99 for two I see this as being targeted at the novelty market. The packaging struck me as a little bland while the product is anything but.

The drink may not be the solution to jet lag but I had a great sleep after I had drunk it and was looking forward to consuming the other glass in the pack.

Score: 20/25
buyer’s verdict

Sally Holloway, spirits buyer, Booths Supermarkets

Despite the comforting, traditional feel of the packaging there is no list of ingredients or branding in terms of coffee or whiskey.

I was particularly concerned about putting glass covered with foil in a microwave but followed the instructions carefully. There were no sparks or explosions.

The coffee appears solid but once heated does become liquid and smells like a cream liqueur. Unfortunately the taste was disappointing, rather like sweet hot water with cream on the top.

The coffee looks and tastes very weak so all you taste is cream which, with an artificially sweet flavour, is rather sickly. The glasses are attractive and reusable but the product simply does not deliver in terms of quality.

Score: 10/25