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Gordon’s Sloe Gin
From: Diageo

Diageo hopes a packaging makeover will woo trendy drinkers who are unfamiliar with sloe gin. The spirit, which combines sloe berries and gin, was first made in 1908 and has gained a niche following, but the supplier says it’s time to take it to a wider audience.

Price: £13.49 for a 70cl bottle

Total score: 42/50
consumer’s verdict
Sarah Fuller, 25, Purchasing Manager, Capel, Surrey
I don’t like gin and I had never drunk sloe gin until I tried this bottle and it has totally changed my perceptions of the drink.
The packaging was simple with a small label. Because the bottle was clear you could see the purple colour of the drink and it looked very appealing as well as tasting good.
It was good value for money and I will certainly buy it again. My friends who shared it with me enjoyed it too, but we all agreed it was more a summer tipple than anything else.
Score: 24/25
buyer’s verdict
Sally Holloway, spirits Buyer, Booths
We have stocked this gin for many years and it has an established following, especially among those enjoying traditional country sports, and appeals to older consumers. This reaunch is to attract a broader younger audience.
The new packaging in clear glass is stylish without trying to be ultra-modern, which would alienate current drinkers. The liquid has not changed and still has the characterful, bittersweet taste with dry black fruit flavours and a warming ‘spirity’ finish. It is mainly drunk as a winter warmer although the new marketing emphasis is on ‘mixability’.
It will take marketing effort to persuade new drinkers to try it and current drinkers to mix it and Diageo will need a comprehensive tastings programme to ensure this happens.
Score: 18/25