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From: Blackwood Distillers

Hoping to prove that innovation is top of its agenda, Shetland-based newcomer Blackwood Distillers has launched what it claims is the first cream liqueur made with vodka.
Jago’s takes its name from Tom Jago, who, the distiller claims, helped create Baileys.

Price: £12.99 for 70cl

Total score: 39/50
consumer’s verdict
Sarah Wright, 29,
Marketing Development Manager, Maidstone
My first impressions were that Jago’s was very creamy, a bit like ice cream but more specifically like Cornish clotted ice cream. I thought it tasted how an alcoholic milkshake would be.
It was very similar to Baileys but nicer because it was fresher and not as heavy.
There wasn’t a strong alcoholic aftertaste, which also made it more pleasant than its competitors. The vodka wasn’t that obvious, but you did know it was alcoholic. However, I don’t think you could drink much of it without feeling a bit sick.
It was at its best served cold with loads of ice and it also went down well with sambuca and amaretto. It tastes like a premium drink and is a refreshing alternative to Baileys or other cream based drinks.Score: 20/25
buyer’s verdict
Bob redmile, wine and spirits buyer, parfetts cash and carry
The presentation of Jago’s is not particularly impressive
but the creamy coloured bottle with the large Jago’s logo will certainly stand out on-shelf.
However, the product inside the bottle is a pleasant surprise. It has a smooth creamy taste, a little like vanilla ice cream with a subtle hint of toffee and is very moreish served over ice.
Jago’s will probably appeal more to female drinkers and will compete with the established brands such as Baileys,Tia Lusso and Dooleys.
As with most cream liqueurs, the bulk of the sales will be over the Christmas trading period when the £12.99 recommended selling price will need to be cut to create any impact.
I would add that Jago’s needs to be supported by a heavyweight marketing progamme to encourage purchase. Score: 19/25