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Moo milk

From: Milk Link

This three-strong long life range is positioned as fresh milk packed to last longer. The company claims 95% of testers could not tell the difference between fresh semi-skimmed and Moo skimmed milk

Price: 51p for one litre

Total score: 43/50
consumer’s verdict

SUE Davies, 41, teacher, birmingham

I have always been under the impression that long life milk was designed for students without fridges, but this new variety of comically-named Moo has changed my opinion entirely.

It doesn’t have that grey, dead look I usually associate with long life products. Instead it looks fresh and, more importantly, smells fresh too.

We use plenty of milk in our house for tea, coffee, milkshakes and cereal and, until now, I have protected my family from long life horrors. But this will no longer be the case. The skimmed milk was creamy and tasted rather like fresh semi-skimmed, the semi-skimmed was creamier and the whole milk was almost too rich.

We all thought it was, without question, a match for fresh milk - even neat - and with as much goodness and contemporary packaging.

Score: 24/25
buyer’s verdict

chris suggett, senior buyer, bells stores

Consumers usually regard long life milk as the last ditch option when nothing fresh is available.

Moo’s packaging brings long life up to date and gives it almost a premium image. It is certainly more appealing than competitive products.

We only stock one UHT line and sales are not fantastic. I believe consumers would be unlikely to switch from fresh because of the way in which retailers merchandise fresh milk. I cannot see any retailer putting long life products into chillers, especially if space is short, but getting this product near to chillers would be essential.

However, there are still some people who don’t have fridges or who live some distance from a supermarket and long life is useful for them. This is an improvement on current offerings but we would only stock it if the price was right.

Score: 19/25