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Blue Nun Riesling Secco
From: Langguth

Veteran wine brand Blue Nun is having a pop at the sparkling sector with this new line aimed at the summer party season. Available through Ehrmanns, it has already won a listing in Sainsbury.

Price: £5.99 for a 70cl bottle

Total score: 40/50
consumer’s verdict
John hudson, 30, university lecturer, london
I am a big fan of sparkling wines like Champagne and Cava although I have never tried any fizz made in Germany.
However, I regularly drink Riesling because it’s dry and slightly floral.
The idea of sampling a sparkling Riesling really appealed to me although I have never liked wines from Blue Nun because they tend to be off-dry and, to be honest, the brand’s image has always put me off. But I was impressed with the taste of Secco because it was not too sweet and had a light taste, perfect for drinking on a hot day.
The bottle was also unusual and the string positioned around the cork to hold it in place was a novelty. It’s quite good value for money at this price point but I think it will need some heavy marketing support.
Score: 18/25
buyer’s verdict
Blue Nun Riesling Secco is a welcome addition to the famous German brand’s line up. The style is completely different to the other wines produced under the name and is made from Germany’s primary grape.
Riesling Secco is a lightly sparkling dry white wine and, as I opened the bottle, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of sparkle in view of the fact that the bottle was sealed with a normal cork closure. Served well chilled, Riesling Secco was easy drinking and should prove popular with consumers especially during the summer.
The presentation was good, the sandblasted bottle with the string closure around the neck and over the cork looked fresh. With the support package promised by the supplier, Riesling Secco should be a success.
Score: 22/25
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Baileys Glide
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n Repeat purchase rate: 14%