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ski stopgap
From: Nestlé

Nestlé’s new yogurt drink Ski Stopgap is available in three variants, Berry Mix, Tropical and Honey & Banana. It is being marketed as a breakfast alternative and on-the-go snack with a mix of low fat yogurt, cereal and fruit.
Price: 99p per 250g bottle

Total score: 40/50
consumer’s verdict
Caroline Hasselbalch, doctor, 28, Birmingham
The packaging of the products looked attractive and instantly appealed to me. However, I struggled to open the bottles without breaking them and when I did manage to open them, the label peeled halfway down the bottle.
My favourite of the three flavours available was Berry Mix which tasted gorgeous.
Tropical smelled very fresh and inviting and the taste did not disappoint. It was delicious once I was accustomed to the bits.
I even found Honey & Banana enjoyable, even though I am not a big fan of honey.
All in all, I think the products are nice and I would buy them again, even though I think the price is a bit steep. I think they will work well as snacks, but they are not that filling, so would not work as a meal replacement.
Score: 24/25
buyer’s verdict
Stewart Waldie, buying controller, Nisa-Today’s
My first impression on seeing this product was that the packaging looked superb, but when looking at all three varieties alongside one another - as they would appear in the chiller cabinet - it was difficult to differentiate between each of them.
In my view, the taste was acceptable, but when compared to others on the market the consistency was a bit thick for a yogurt-type drink. However, it certainly fills the gap, as promised.
I imagine the product will appeal to its target market, and depending on the strength of their marketing campaign, should perform well.
My only concern is that they retail at 99p, which when compared to other similar type products, seems expensive.
Score: 16/25n Company:
Body Style Water
n Country: Japan