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del monte ice lollies

From: Del Monte

A four-strong range made by Frederick’s Dairies has taken the Del Monte brand into the freezer. The collection consists of an orange ice lolly and three World Fruits sorbets

Price: 80p - 90p

Total score: 41/50
consumer’s verdict

adam harris, 21, electrical engineer, bradford

I associate the name Del Monte with fruit juice and the ‘Man from Del Monte’ ads, but I had never heard of their ice lollies before.

I am partial to a nice ice lolly in hot weather and these rate highly. I hadn’t tasted anything like them before and thought they were all very impressive. It is hard to pick a favourite but probably the pineapple and coconut variety would top the list.

The packaging was nothing special and I wonder if these would stand out among other products in a freezer. The price, however, is a bonus. I think 80p for the orange lolly and 90p for the sorbets mean good value for money and I am likely to buy them again in the near future. I’ll also be looking out for new flavours.

Score: 23/25
buyer’s verdict

iain troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer aberness

Del Monte has used its established fruit brand to create quality impulse ice cream products. The packaging communicates the Del Monte quality message with pictures of fresh fruit.

I could not fault the taste. All were refreshing and could easily compete with the rest of the market, especially at this time of year. I am sure that these products would do well in the multiples using a multipack format.

They will also easily fit into any range in the impulse ice cream cabinet. However, I feel it will be hard to penetrate the existing market here because Wall’s still dominates. All of the top 10 impulse lines at Aberness are Wall’s products. Nevertheless, Mars managed to leverage its brands’ equity to move into ice cream.

Score: 18/25