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From: Klug

Organic beer Klug is brewed in Germany and has been developed with the UK market in mind. It is targeted at 23 to 43-year-olds with a taste for premium imported lagers.
Price: a pack of 24x330ml bottles has an rsp of £16.47
Total score: 41/50

Consumer’s verdict
Richard hargreaves, Business development manager, 30, Kent

The packaging looks very German and has a premium appearance, but it does not come over as the most creative or innovative-looking product.

When on the shelf, there’s nothing about Klug that distinguishes it from the competition and I don’t think it would stand out against better-known brands.

The beer has a crisp and clean flavour with virtually no aftertaste and it is not too gassy. You could certainly drink it with food without worrying about feeling bloated.

However, I don’t think I would buy it unless it was on promotion. Having said that, the price point seems quite good for a premium beer, but, even so, it is unlikely I would hunt this out as an alternative to the brands I usually buy.
Score: 19/25

Buyer’s verdict
Andrew Hargreaves, Trading controller - off-licence, Landmark

Klug is a premium export beer at 5.2% abv, as is Stella Artois. It is brewed in Germany under its strict purity laws, as with Löwenbräu .

Natural ingredients have been used to produce this excellent-tasting lager with a quality performance.

The labelling is attractive and distinctive, using silver to highlight the export quality, although personally, I am not impressed with the name Klug, even though that is the company name.

As with all participants in the expanding and thriving premium lager market, opportunity and trial will very much depend on price positioning against the established brands and the ease of availability from the distributor. Based on taste and performance, this is an excellent product.
Score: 22/25