The Co-operative Group is looking to double its Fairtrade chocolate sales by introducing the own-label range to Somerfield stores.

Annual sales are expected to jump from £5m to £10m as a result of the move. Two new products will also be introduced – an additional peppermint variety and a milk chocolate and butterscotch product.

“This is an exciting development that will significantly increase the overall Fairtrade benefits to cocoa growers,” said Peter Marks, chief executive of The Co-op.

He added: “The Co-op has championed the Fairtrade mark since its inception, helping the UK become the largest Fairtrade market in the world and, by extending our Fairtrade chocolate range to Somerfield, along with our wide range of other Fairtrade food and drink products, we are introducing Fairtrade to a completely new set of customers.”

The society is currently the only retailer to have converted its entire range of own-label block chocolate to Fairtrade status.

It first introduced own-label chocolate with the ethical mark in 2000.

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