Co-op said the tool streamlined more than 20 back-office systems

The Co-op is driving greater efficiency following the launch of new technology in its stores.

The MyWork mobile task management tool was launched five months ago and the retailer said task completion rates by staff had increased from 70% to 95% since then.

Co-op said the tool, developed in partnership with Reflexis, had helped it streamline more than 20 back-office systems and 70 different paper processes.

Co-op work stream lead Dave Tyas said approximately 80% of all paper processes had now been incorporated into the new tool.

“It’s ever more important to make store associates are visible to customers to drive positive customer experience. Mobility is very important in the store environment and there is no longer an elastic band keeping colleagues in the office so they can be on the shop floor when needed,” he said.

“Prior to MyWork, store managers often became an unintended communications bottleneck. Now non-management colleagues are more engaged with processes because they have visibility, which they didn’t when all processes were paper.”