The world's first Fairtrade pineapples went on sale in the UK over the Christmas period.
The fruit, imported by farmer-owned AgroFair UK, joins bananas and mangoes as fresh fruit that can be certified Fairtrade.
In response, the Co-operative Group has said it will switch all its pineapple supply to Fairtrade.
The Golden variety pineapples will bear AgroFair's Oké brand and Co-op Fair Trade labels.
Initially available in 900 Co-op stores, the growers hope to gain listings with other supermarkets throughout the year.
Bernardo Jaen, chief executive of Asoproagroin, one grower-owner of AgroFair UK, said: "We are proud to be producing the world's first Fairtrade pineapples, and we hope pineapple lovers in the UK will enjoy them.
"Our fruit tastes great, but in the Fairtrade system it's not enough to just produce quality. This fruit is also about the way its produced. It's about the environment. It's about a fair system."