In March PHE finalised a proposed portion cap for a single-serve yoghurt of 120kcal based on a sales weighted average, with a 175kcal maximum and it has promised to reveal the names of companies that fail to play ball. New research by The Grocer revealed a whopping 43% of yohurts fell foul of the proposal, here are 10 yoghurts in the crosshairs.



Tims Dairy Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt 175g

Calories: 267.8g (153kcal per 100g)

Saturates: 5.8g Sugar: 12.5g Salt: 0.2g (per 100g)




Spelga Greek Style Yogurt With Honey 150g

Calories: 238.5kcal (159kcal per 100g)

Saturates: 4.6g Sugar: 18.2g Salt: 0.3g (per 100g)


Longly Farm


Longley Farm Hazelnut Yogurt 150g

Calories: 201g (134kcal per 100g)

Saturates: 2.5g Sugar: 14.1g Salt: 0.2g (per 100g)




rolo mix in


Rolo Mix-In Toffee Yogurts 115g

Calories: 190kcal (166 per 100g)

Fat: 8.5g Saturates: 5.8g Sugar: 22.5g Salt: 0.2g (per 100g)





Activia Breakfast Pot Honey 160g

Calories: 190kcal (118 kcal per 100g)

Saturates: 1.1g Sugar: 14.1g Salt: 0.2g (per 100g)



Kit kat yog


Nestle Kit Kat Vanilla Split Pot 115g

Calories: 189kcal (165kcal per 100g)

Saturates: 5.0g Sugar: 19.2g Salt: 0.2g (per 100g) 


Mango collective


The Collective Dairy Mango Yogurt 150g

Calories: 186kcal (124kcal per 100g)

Saturates: 3.3g Sugar: 13.7g Salt: 0.15g (per 100g) 



Muller bliss


Muller Corner Bliss Lemon 110g

Calories: 177.1kcal (161kcal per 100g)

Saturates: 3.3g Sugar: 21.3g Salt: 0.2g (per 100g)




Oykos Greek Style Pina Coco Yogurts 110g

Calories: 176kcal (160kcal per 100g

Fat: 8.7g Saturates: 5.3g Sugar: 15.3g Salt: 0.74g (per 100g)


Daf yog


Daffodil Foods Mango & Passion Yogurt 125g

Calories: 196kcal (117kcal per 100g)

Fat: 6.2g Saturates: 3.8g Sugar: 10.6g Salt: 0.23g (per serving) 



Source: BrandView. BrandView is the leading global provider of price, promotion, product content and online product positioning analytics. 


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