On target for accuracy English supermarket buyers are to be provided with the most detailed information on consumer varietal preferences of tomatoes, apples and eventually peppers by The Greenery International. The Dutch marketing organisation, which accounts for the bulk of production, aims to strengthen its programming and is conducting surveys which also take into account regional preference. UK md Paul Huggins claimed this week it was the largest such produce survey ever to be undertaken. The information is compiled in a grid form and takes into account 36 different characteristics. The Dutch have also taken into account that the same varieties may exhibit different taste characteristics according to the time of year. Huggins said that it had already sampled 129 tomato types. "This will explode a large part of the myth which exists about product quality," he added. "Armed with this information, growers would adapt and target production very accurately." More details will be released to many of the major buyers attending The Greenery open day being held at Bleiswijk on March 14. There will be more than 55 grower groups exhibiting the latest varieties prior to the season getting under way. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}