Sainsbury’s wins the online G33 thanks to a combination of 100% availability, an excellent delivery driver and a perfect damage-free delivery.

However, it could be argued that the products didn’t get squashed because Sainsbury’s packed them in a whopping 11 bags - an average of three items to every bag.

That is something Tesco doesn’t have to worry about - it remains the only supermarket to offer an eco-friendly option of crates instead of bags, with the added plus of its driver helping out with the unpacking. The blueberry muffins did get squashed, however. But Tesco was just four points behind Sainsbury’s and our shopper gave the website 9/10.

Waitrose finished third. Its website came under fire, and scored just 6/10 - our shopper said it wasn’t user friendly. Availability wasn’t good either, with only 28 items available. But along with Sainsbury’s, it was the only supermarket to offer damage-free shopping, it was on time and its driver scored top marks.

Asda takes fourth spot. It offered maximum availability but was let down by its driver who, while smartly dressed and friendly, left the bags on the doorstep, didn’t offer to help bring them inside, and failed to check that everything was OK before leaving.

Surprisingly, Ocado finishes fifth. It’s won the online G33 the past few times, and its website was the only one to score a perfect 10/10. Availability was also a maximum 33 items. But a squishy cucumber let it down, while the driver was also 10 minutes late.