The Grocer 33 is a weekly mystery shopping survey, tracking Price, Service and Availability at the five leading supermarkets: Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. The scores from each week’s 33 are also totted up across a 50-week period, with three awards up for grabs at The Grocer Gold Awards in June. An additional award is also given out for the Store Manager of the Year, selected from the winners of our store of the week.

We select 33 items because this is the number of products in an average shop. The basket is also weighted by category. The 33 items change every week.

We also periodically feature guest retailers, such as Ocado, Iceland, Lidl, Aldi etc. These retailers are not part of the annual competition as their limited range means that product matches are more limited, and we therefore cannot feature them on a weekly basis, but their occasional appearance provides useful context.

The charts at the top of the Grocer 33 homepage show an overview of the scores. But there’s a lot more…

If you are signed up for Gold membership and are logged in, there’s a huge wealth of information you can access on each week’s scores:

- This week’s detailed 33 list - the products and the prices, as well as the promotion details and which products were out of stock

- Service and Availability – see the full score breakdown for each store, with details of every single element of the store’s performance, plus all the mystery shopper comments

- Store of the Week – an interview with the winning store manager

You can track price and promotion history by product, category and retailer, and the site offers a wide range of superb and sophisticated analytical tools for online subscribers.

The scores from each week’s 33 are also totted up, and an award is given out at the end of a 50-week period.

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