Lidl matched with Aldi on price for 30 of the 33 items on our shopping list

Lidl has once again emerged as the cheapest supermarket in our latest Super 33, pipping major rival Aldi and the traditional major UK supermarkets.

At £50.19 the discounter came in just 34p cheaper than Aldi. The pair matched each other for all bar three of the 33 items on our list. Lidl was slightly cheaper on the apple sauce and salami, largely due to variations in pack size, while the main difference this week came from Lidl running a promotion on the kiwifruit, which meant its price was 30p cheaper than Aldi.

Both retailers were well clear of all other rivals, even after factoring in the impact of loyalty-based pricing. Asda was £6.20 more expensive than Lidl, having matched the lowest price for just seven products. Tesco was just 10p more expensive than Asda at £56.49 but would have undercut it by 2p thanks to a Clubcard prices deal on the lemons.

Tesco was the only retailer to undercut the discounters on any product – it was exclusively cheapest for the mozzarella.

Sainsbury’s loyalty members would have received a discount of £1.22 due to cheaper prices on the chocolate cake and the salami. However, the retailer, which this week put loyalty at the centre of its new Next Level Sainsbury’s strategy, was £9.65 more expensive than Lidl based on its shelf-edge prices. The discount, therefore, would only have reduced the gap to £8.43.

Morrisons only matched the lowest price for the corn flakes and soft white loaf. At £63.14 it came in £12.95 more expensive than Lidl.

Waitrose, meanwhile, didn’t match the lowest price for any items. At £66.92, it was £16.73 more expensive than Lidl. However, it was just £3.78 more expensive than Morrisons.

Overall prices were up just 4.7% compared with February 2023, while our basket was 0.2% cheaper versus last month.