Morrisons cake market street

Morrisons was just 67p more expensive than Asda

Asda picked up exactly where it left off before Christmas with a ninth consecutive Grocer 33 pricing victory, albeit a narrow one.

At £75.12 Asda came in just 67p cheaper than runner-up Morrisons. The Walmart-owned retailer offered the lowest price for 18 products, with 11 exclusively cheapest.

Three of Asda’s exclusively cheapest products were branded lines: the Allinson easy bake yeast, Nature’s Finest pitted prunes and Twinings tea bags, with the latter as much as £1 cheaper than its rivals.

Morrisons, which suffered the biggest sales decline over the festive period according to this week’s Kantar figures, had the lowest price for 10 items with three exclusively so.

Morrisons was cheaper than any of its rivals on the katsu curry with jasmine rice, mashed potato and the 5kg bag of Tilda rice. In fact the reason for its competitiveness this week had much to do with the rice: a promotional price of £10 meant it was a fiver cheaper than Asda.

Like Morrisons, Tesco also offered the lowest price for 10 items and was exclusively cheapest for three: the Cadbury Twirl pack, Kenco Millicano coffee and Cheestrings.

Overall, Tesco came in £2.44 more expensive that Asda at £77.56. Our shop was carried out before Tesco introduced hundreds of price cuts this week, however.

Sainsbury’s, which suffered the smallest fall in festive sales according to Kantar, came in just over a fiver more expensive than Asda this week at £80.22. It offered the lowest price for nine lines and was exclusively cheapest for the pork mince, Benecol drinks, Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Smashables and Warburtons seeded loaf.

Despite introducing hundreds of price cuts this month, Waitrose still came in £11.61 more expensive than Asda at £86.73.