My Nectar Prices

Sainsbury’s was more than £8 pricier than Asda before Nectar Prices

Our Grocer 33 shopping basket was 12.3% cheaper in Sainsbury’s for customers with a Nectar card than for those without – enough to make Sainsbury’s the cheapest retailer in this week’s price comparison survey, despite its shelf-edge prices being more than £8 higher than Asda’s.

Asda’s £74.23 total offered the lowest price for 18 products – eight exclusively s0, including the blueberries, Madrí lager, mushrooms and rocket.

It was also £3.20 cheaper than Tesco, cheapest for 10 items and exclusively so for two – the Nescafé instant coffee and the scotch eggs.

But Tesco would also have undercut Asda after factoring in its loyalty prices. Clubcard holders would have received a £5.15 discount, making it £1.95 cheaper than Asda. They would have paid 6.7% less than Tesco shoppers without a Clubcard.

Morrisons would have come in third based on shelf-edge prices. At £81.53, it was £7.30 more expensive than Asda. Guest retailer Iceland was a further 16p dearer at £81.69, despite being exclusively cheapest for five items including the bananas, Nando’s Peri-Peri marinade and Rowse honey.

Sainsbury’s was £8.03 dearer than Asda but offered Nectar Prices savings of £10.10 to cut its total to £72.16. This made it £2.07 cheaper than Asda and 12p cheaper than Tesco with Clubcard Prices factored in.

The real outlier on price was Waitrose. It came in at £88.59 – £14.36 more expensive than Asda and £16.43 more expensive than Sainsbury’s post-Nectar discounts. Waitrose offered the lowest price for just three items, though it was exclusively cheapest for the avocados.

Overall prices were up 3.1% compared with March 2023, below the national rate of inflation, while prices were up 1.4% month on month. Ten products were cheaper this week than in March 2023.