Asda wins the latest Online 33 with a big score of 95. It only took 20 minutes to complete the order and the only unavailable item was a bottle of wine which, due to licensing laws in Scotland, couldn’t be delivered. Registration was “really straightforward” and “searching for items was really easy”. The driver brought the shopping in “and helped unpack”.

Our first-time user only took 32 minutes to order with Ocado and only one item was unavailable. The “app was very user friendly”, product descriptions “were very detailed and even came with recipe ideas”.

There was just one unavailable item at Sainsbury’s, with a good suggested alternative. All items arrived on time and the driver helped unpack. “All items had good use-by dates” though one was damaged. Our shopper rated the app as “average”.

Waitrose offered good alternatives to three unavailable items. All arrived with no substitutions and delivery was free. The app froze a couple of times but “saved the basket, thankfully”. The 9am-11am delivery slot was not available.

Seven items were unavailable at Tesco but six good alternatives were provided. Of the 32 items ordered, one wasn’t available and a substitution not supplied. However, the app was “excellent” and the driver was on time and helpful.

All items were ordered at Morrisons and there was only one substitution. Our first-time user found the app “relatively clear and logical” but usability was “average compared to other shopping sites”. The driver was “friendly” but didn’t offer to bring the shopping in.