Winner: Sainsbury’s Melksham

Store manager: Mark Ogborne

Opened: 1997

Size: 31,000 sq ft

Market share: 28.9%

Nearest rivals: Waitrose - 66 feet
; Tesco - 4.9 miles; 
Morrisons - 6.6 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

Sainsbury’s has dominated the G33 Store of the Week competition this year. Why do you think it has done so well? Quality and service go hand in hand with Sainsbury’s name. One of our values is to deliver great service and so for us it’s business as usual. For shoppers, it’s not just all about price.

And why do you think your store won? My colleagues are very engaged and committed. They are encouraged to be proactive, not reactive. Anyone can react when they are asked a question by a customer, but it’s what they do next that makes the difference. Customers want customer service to be natural, not read from a script.

Are there any customer service initiatives at your store? We focus on ‘game-changing’ and giving customers ‘magic moments’. If a colleague sees another colleague give good service, we celebrate that as a magic moment. Every four weeks those magic moments are discussed at our Great Place to Work meeting and the best one is voted for.

Is your store ready for the World Cup? Yes, we have an end for the World Cup, plus merchandise and clothing. During the tournament, if our colleague’s team is playing that day, they will be allowed to wear their team’s shirt.

The weather was great over the weekend - how was trading? We had a very good Friday and Saturday and will be hoping for the same again or better this weekend, especially with England playing on Saturday and Father’s Day on Sunday.

How did your colleagues react to news of the win? I’ve had two huddles to tell them today and they were elated. Sainsbury’s has done so well on the G33 this year, but you never think it’s going to happen at your store. I may be the one with the photo in your magazine but it’s all about my colleagues. The management are just a small cog in the workings of the store and my colleagues deliver great service day in day out.