Waitrose has broken Asda’s winning streak with its first service and availability win of the G33 year. The Brighton store was clean, the layout “good”, staff polite and smart; and at the checkout our shopper was approached and taken to a free till without a queue. The store also scored the highest points for availability with just one out-of-stock and one not stocked product.

At Sainsbury’s Purley a beautiful display of flowers on entry made an excellent first impression, promotional displays were attractive, and the queue was moderate for the checkout but the store was let down by two mistakes on the receipt.

Had availability been better at Asda Chadderton it would have landed its third win in a row. Some aisles were narrow but shop floor service was faultless. Asda gained the highest checkout points with a minimal queue, lovely assistant and quick scan time. Our shopper added that it was a “brilliant experience.”

Signage was “worn” and road markings needed refreshing at Tesco Greenwell Road, Durham. Flooring looked “old” and there were a number of empty boxes left in fridges and on the floor. A member of staff took our shopper to the pork pies but once he’d gone she realised she couldn’t see any and another member of staff confirmed they were not stocked. Tesco was the only store not to gain any points for availability.

The entrance to Morrisons Cambourne felt “cramped and dark” and despite lots of seasonal promotions they weren’t displayed as well as they could have been. Merchandise got in the way in aisles and staff appeared “tired and uninterested”. The checkout operator was “unhelpful” and made no eye contact throughout the transaction.