So George Davies is said to be launching a clothing line with a Yorkshire-based supermarket chain.

No, this isn’t news from the early 1990s – the fashion guru is apparently set to get cosy with Morrisons, having previously worked his magic for Asda and Marks & Spencer.

Reports today suggest the range could be in 100 of the retailers’ stores by autumn.

There is no doubt that non-food is a major opportunity for Morrisons – it is a long way behind its supermarket rivals on non-food and is the only supermarket group without an own-label clothing line.

However, having focused for so long on its strength in food, can Morrisons really bridge the gap to its rivals?

CEO Dalton Philips appears to be on a mission to plug all the gaps in Morrisons’ offer. He has said there is real second-mover advantage when it comes to online retailing, but it’s hard to see the same argument holding up for non-food.

Plus there is the issue of space – Morrisons’ Market Street format means that space for new lines is often limited – working out what to take out before putting clothing in will be a big challenge.

Nevertheless Philips is taking to his task with a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm and while some might suggest he is spreading himself a bit thin – crucially, he is surrounding himself with some highly respected operators from Richard Hodgson to Belinda Young.

And in Davies he has someone with a proven track record in affordable fashion. The only thing to decide on is the name. Will it be George at Morrisons or Per Ken?

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