Innovation is really pepping up the flavour of the barbie Keeping pace with consumers' insatiable appetite for novelty is stretching the imaginations of manufacturers. How to jazz up drumsticks, chops and bangers has resulted in a boom in wacky flavours and ingredients to fuel not only the barbecue season but all year round usage. This creativity combined with clever marketing has produced a raft of activitity to encourage sales. Labels on Jenks' new trio of Bicks chilli sauces dare consumers who like their food hot to try it. Molten chilli lava, chilli and ginger, and chilli and lime contain large chilli seeds. Product group manager Hugh Evans says the next step for Bicks will be to look at more off the wall varieties. "Jenks is currently working on a World Collection for later in the year which will move the brand away from its North American image, although it will still be under the Bicks branding. "It may not be ready until early 2002 but it will grow the brand and create bigger opportunities for barbecuing." BMI's new gourmet salsa relish range includes a peach, mango, cactus and jalapeno variant with real cactus in it to give it a distinctive tang. Names have a way of persuading consumers to make the final decision on what to buy. Scorchin' Pepper, Sundancin' tomato and herb, Sizzlin' Cajun and Smokin' Hickory say it all for the Newman's Own range of marinades. These products form part of an eight strong range which is still monitored by their creator, movie star Paul Newman, who donates all profit after tax to charity. Organic food specialist Meridian Foods has created two authentic marinades for the barbie. Smokey Chilli takes its cues from America's deep south and contains garlic, chilli and coriander, while Herby Garlic comes from the Mediterranean and includes rosemary and oregano. Jethro's is gearing up for summer with the Eastern and Mediterranean flavours it claims are stirring up interest. Its extensive marinade range includes lemon, chilli and coriander, and ginger, soy and molasses. Although the FMD crisis has affected promotional plans such as a spring push with Q Guild butchers for its lemon rosemary and bay marinade, it is confident that once the crisis is over this will be back on track. Not everyone likes the hot stuff and subtly flavoured oriental marinades are being promoted by two companies. Kikkoman is encouraging Japanese style barbecues with its teriyaki marinade, and Blue Dragon its Thai marinades with coconut, lemongrass and ginger. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}