CATEGORY COMPOSITION The market is made up of four sectors. The largest of these is pure juices, followed by the juice drinks sector (any product with a juice content below 100%), then tomato juice and, finally, the tiny frozen and instant juice sector. MARKET GROWTH On an annual basis, the market is worth £550m and has grown 9% in the latest year. This growth is exclusively driven by the juice drinks sector which has grown 30% in the same period. PURE JUICES Pure juices, on the other hand, has remained flat in terms of expenditure, but there are still some brands growing within it. In terms of volume, the market growth is slower at just 5%, with pure juices showing an overall decline of 4%. SUNNY DELIGHT The whole market has seen something of a revolution in the last two years due to the success of Procter & Gamble's Sunny Delight. The first product of its kind, Sunny Delight is marketed as a chilled juice drink, whereas all other previous mainstream juice drinks are ambient. It is this product which has been driving growth in the juice drinks sector. INNOVATIONS Other innovative products are helping to fuel market growth, such as Ocean Spray's cranberry based juice drink, and Tropicana, the super premium pure juice from the US. RETAILERS In terms of retailers, all are showing growth. Tesco leads the field, with 25% share and 15% growth, followed by Asda and Morrisons, both with 25% growth. Sainsbury, Somerfield and the Co-op lag behind the market growth of 9%. Mark Davis, account executive Taylor Nelson Sofres Superpanel {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}