Top tips on recently launched products likely to make money, selected by The Grocer Focus team Primo Milano Pasta Melt from Dairy Crest Rsp: 99p-£1.09 for 100g pot Why will it sell? One wonders why this company hasn't done it before? Using its cheese expertise, it has added a four cheese variety containing Cheddar, Red Leicester, parmesan and creamy soft cheese to complement its existing range of creamy pesto, tomato and basil, and garlic and herb. Barilla pesto and asparagus sauces Rsp: £1.25-1.69 fpr 200g jars Why will it sell? Authenticity again helps makes this range of sauces stand out. Both pesto sauces ­ alla Genovese and alla Siciliana ­ are Italian regional varieties, while the sugo agli asparagi is a virtually fat free asparagus sauce. Batchelors Pasta 'n' Sauce Rsp: 79p Why will it sell? Van den Bergh Foods' new ethnic recipes ­ creamy chicken and herbs, and creamy tikka masala ­ have youth appeal and will attract those looking for quick and easy to serve, spicy sauces to pep up their pasta. A trio of sauces from L'Aquila Rsp: £2.60-£3.90/80g-130g jars Why will it sell? These are affordable truffle treats in convenient sized portions. Salsa Truffina is champignon mushroom and black truffle sauce with black olives, celery and carrots; La Truffata is a white truffle and porcini mushroom cream; and Fresta is described as an "in your face" wild mushroom and black truffle sauce. La Buona Italia from Trustin Unimerchants These 250g packs of chilled pasta are just about to hit the shelves in the UK. Why will it sell? Authenticity sells, and this pasta is made in Italy from typical Italian ingredients. The range includes: tortellini carne and cappellini prosciutto, panzerotti funghi, tortellini verdi with ricotta cheese, fresh egg tagliatelle and fettucene, and spinach and fresh gnocchi potato dumplings. Sco-Fro Foods canned pasta Available in 411g cans Why will it sell? This supplier's deal with Italian canner Società Produzioni Alimenti strengthens its position and brings more variety and competition to the market. Its range under Sco-Fro, Torini and own label includes spaghetti hoops, ravioli and penne in vegetable sauce. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}